About Us

Arômantique has captured a treasure of perfumes, aromas and fragrances that make us to feel good. It’s the renaissance flower, a bridge towards cosmic energy.

Discovering natural perfumes’ life is an immense gift everyone should allow oneself. Learning to listen to an essence is pure magic that tears off our consciousness burdens and brings us back, pure as newborn children, in front of an universal masterpiece without codes.

Essence asks us for only two things: time to listen and moreover time to listen to ourselves, and exercise that is smelling. In return we’ll reach a new awareness.

Unique perfumes because they are realized with intention.

Arômantique perfumes activate emotional reactions and produce wellness for our body stimulating it from an aromatherapeutic and energetic point of view, through their vibrations. Thanks to these properties and to the peculiar intention during the preparation, energy is thinly released: a kind of energy that can harmonize our psychophysical condition.

Maria Letizia Longo

As an architect, I devoted myself for years to improve people wellness by means of living spaces, then I realized that first of all it’s necessary to take care of our own inner space. I learnt that, through essences, nature can influence our mood and our happiness more than anything else. Arômantique is born like that: it’s a scented journey that brings us back to our childhood and to all those emotions which make us feel better. Harmony and happiness are inside ourselves and are only to be reawakened.

La titolare di Arômantique, Maria Letizia Longo

Natural botanical perfumery arises from passion and dedication and researches the purest scent to exercise our own senses.


Arômantique perfumes result from the experience and the ability to find the right balance among ingredients.


Aromatherapy is intuition and creativity: indeed, it always tests new ways to create essences that can have an effect on every emotion.

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