A magic hidden place

Arômantique is a little artisan lab in the old town centre of Florence. As every magic place it’s hidden and you must look for it: you’ll go through an ordinary front door and, after an ordinary corridor, find yourselves outdoors in an amazing aromatic garden. From here you’ll enter a new undiscovered world. It’s a short journey, but it takes you very far away, where you don’t even imagine to arrive.

Happiness scent

Does a happiness perfume exist? Happiness has certainly its own scent and it’s different for each one of us. Aromatherapy is a complex discipline, but it‘s founded on a very simple basis: sense of smell is our most instinctive and sincere sense and isn’t mediated by our brain before arriving to us. Smells and aromas strike us directly and cause immediate physiological reactions.  A perfume can change our mood and make us more happy.

Wellness is a natural condition

Arômantique botanical perfumes are made out of natural essences. They don’t contain any preservative, fixative or chemical additive.  Only few precious ingredients:  almond oil, shea butter, beeswax and essential oils. Effectual and delicate fragrances originate from nature and artisan experience, they can foster our wellness and help us to restore our psychophysical balance.

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